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At the core of ST Infosys's service delivery process is its abundant pool of college educated, English speaking, highly skilled, trained and motivated professionals. We have hired the best people in this area to make sure we have the proficiency required to provide an end-to-end service for our customers.

ST Infosys has always focused on hiring knowledgeable managers, to make the most of our talented staff to supervise our daily operations. Our technical staff supports our operational teams by empowering them with IT solutions and their domain expertise in process management and business migration.

We follow a stringent recruiting process. At ST Infosys only the very best candidate gets selected. All the CCA's (customer contact agents) go through multiple rounds of interviews, which focus on spoken English, voice quality, soft skills, diction, willingness to learn. Upon selection the candidate is trained for 2 months in a vigorous training routine where the candidate is taught the nuances of the American accent, gets familiar with the equipment he/she is going to use, trained to face any simple or complex situation that he/she might encounter as a CCA.

Working in our call center is a career for our people.And our HR department ensures that the work is fulfilling and rewarding for them.

Our passion for quality and quest for continuous learning flows through the entire organization, top down.