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ST Infosys benchmarks its business processes with best practices in the industry and are continually audited and re-engineered.

We have a separate Process Management Department, which draws its inspiration from the ISO and the Six Sigma Standards for operations. We're pursuing the audit for ISO 9000 currently and are working towards the COPC compliance for the Call Center activity.

We work closely with our clients to learn their business and their expectations from us. At              ST Infosys Quality compliance is an integral part of all its service delivery processes, which ensures consistent service and solutions.

A very effective Knowledge Management Strategy is our key to success in servicing from offshore. Our KM engineers ensure that each agent response in case of a customer contact is fast, accurate and consistent.

We believe in the theory- What cannot be measured cannot be managed. We therefore define, quantify and measure every single Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) and more importantly the essential 'Critical to Quality' parameters (CTQs) to make sure we adhere and exceed to our agreed Service Level Agreement with our clients.

Our Business Continuity Plan and our Disaster Recovery Plans also keeps us in a state of readiness..