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ST Infosys takes pride in calling itself a 'technology company'. Technology makes us move, and is a key enabler in successfully migrating and implementing the processes that our clients wish to outsource to us.

Our Technology Department has provided us with key solutions for very effective Customer Relationship Management including Multi Channel Interaction Management, Sales Force Automation, Permission Marketing, Knowledge Management, Service Level Compliance, Workforce Performance Appraisal amongst many others that we need to accomplish for our outsourced activities. These tools provide our clients with a 'one stop shop' solution for most CRM needs that they can think of.

Our ability to quickly integrate with our client's existing systems is ensured by our engineers too. We unleash the true potential of the Internet by deploying web-driven solutions that make outsourcing possible half way round the globe just as easy as if it was happening in Nebraska!

Our engineers in fact are the resource that forms a core group of support staff for our highest level (tier 3) of technical support that we offer for web and other applications